Open from the inside: Bodies and Sexualities
(co-curated by Angélica María Zorrilla y María Angélica Madero)
Galería Cafám

To doubt the body—that body, my body— and the relationships established in / by / with / through / among others—all of us, other bodies. A selection of subjectivities that have sought to be built upon returning to anatomy, the practices of sexuality, the operations that have historically occurred as natural in the exercise of love, as well as the diversities that alter and resist questioning and feeling, being and knowledge, the representation of gender, the bond with the mother; places that are visited over and over again, territories and narratives that are built over and over again as a consequence and first cause of the search for an understanding or at least the impulse necessary to continue being. Works that have bravely surrendered to the gaze of others after delving into themselves. A sample that challenges us in the first person from the artist's position, and from experience itself.