Humans does not lose hope of the end of the world

performance, 2017

Like Godzilla, from time to time ancient fears of our own human nature emerge from the abysmal depths of the unconscious, which, incapable of being explained by language, cannot be apprehended by our rational knowledge of the world. And once we unleash these fears that we believed were non-existent because of their invisibility, they cause devastation by destroying the structures of what we had conceptualized and considered resistant through our understanding.
In order to re-contextualize the monstrosity of what despite being put into words is imperceptible to our senses, "The human does not lose hope for the end of the world" uses the subtitles of the film Shin Godzilla (2016) in a performance reading in which an actress dressed in black in front of a white screen that does not project any image, reads the dialogues of the film through her mobile device. Through the contrast produced by her shadowy figure on an immaculate surface, the actress's reading reminds us that the contrast of the human in an empty world cannot be remedied by means of a language or any technology, which although intelligible is not habitable. It is therefore a reading that updates the idea of the monstrous, which now in the absence of supporting images, becomes an invitation to the imagination of the execrable invisibility from the rationality of our words. Sometimes, to name the intangible that threatens our daily lives is not enough, because it is almost always much easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of the way we live.

This work was shown in “Lo mejor que nos puede pasar es que no pase nada”, MIAMI, Bogota, 2017 and Odeón Intensivo, Espacio Odeon, Bogota, 2019