Melissa Ballesteros and María Angélica Madero

Melissa and María Angélica have been working together since 2019. Their inquiry is transversal and multidimensional, as they believe thinking is layered. Their main areas of research are education, research-creation and complex problems. They write, create and design together.

Background and Foreground

Background and Foreground is a proposed toolbox that uses narrative and storytelling as a methodology to produce alternative stories. As a compass, this toolbox uses the reasoned intuition of each individual or group of individuals. The aim is to give all the participants a clear understanding and representation in the right context. It also acknowledges difference and multiple perspectives.
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This work was shown in the London Design Biennale 2021 “Design in the age of crisis” under the category "Society" in the online exhibition, and the presentation at Somerset House in the exhibition: Design in the age of crisis on show in june 2021

Methods Thinking

Methods Thinking is a tool to explore the different stages of methods. 

La investigación-creación como detonadora de nuevas indagaciones

Although incorporated some time ago in the research fields of art, architecture, and design, research-creation is a concept that in other disciplines still remains unknown as a knowledge production strategy. The possibilities that research-creation offers to approach reality in a different way pose challenges but, above all, opportunities to reconfigure the production of knowledge in the light of sensibility and interdisciplinarity. This article proposes a reflection on the change of panorama that research-creation offers to explore paths of production and use of knowledge, so that agents from disciplines other than those of creation know the benefits that this model of knowledge offers by integrating spaces of interaction in research.
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