Nothing occurs twice

Nothing occurs twice,  sound performance, 6 hours, piano and voice, 2019

Wisława Szymborska's Poem Nic dwa razy (Nothing Twice) moved us to compose the melody. The song determines that we arrive here improvised and leave without the chance to practice. We hereby declare, were born without skills and we will die without routines. The melodic precision exercise is meant to feel how movement affects us through the duration of time. Repetition without routine, a route that pulses the transit between the conscious and the unconscious, an exercise to know things by heart. The partiture of this piece is a mobius strip, and it lasts approximately 4 hours. A single melody is expanded and contracted through time. It touches on ideas of embodiment, repetition and experience.

I can't hear you
Is a music collective. They compose and interpret contemporary music of their authorship. The pieces touch on themes such as: spirituality, ritualizing, daily living, meditation, repetition and experience.

(Carmen Elvira Brigard and María Angélica Madero)
Carmen Elvira connects with the past by carefully transcribing sacred music from the 12th century and giving it life through her voice. She is interested in learning by heart sacred songs and asking questions to History through her experience. Doubts are triggered by her senses, spaces she inhabits, bodily consciousness during her daily practice and in the acts where she shares the soundings. María Angélica connects with the future, her inquiry is based on her an interest in the machine and the metric rigor of music. No te oigo (I can not hear you) is a duet where they meet to build on the present through music: the piano, the voice, the ambient sound and the presence.They usually appear in private concerts. Their first public presentation was at The Festival en Tiempo Real, Bogotá, Colombia, 2019.

This work was shown in “Festival en Tiempo Real”, Bogotá, Colombia, 2019