Skin of a rock

2020, acrylic painting, 1.50mx1.50m

Through programming codes, it is possible to render virtual objects from scratch not related to a Cartesian representational system of the world. However, these renders lack a total sensory experience and behave as mere information so the relationship we have with them is only understandable but not perceivable. By using polygons to make a three-dimensional modeling of a possible rock in the virtual in order to paint by hand a Hyperrealist painting of its surface, this work speaks about dialectical correspondences between imagination and creation:  the unfolding of the objectiveness experience on its surface; the skin as contact interface between objects and people;  the nowadays preponderance of the superficial in its worldliness; the existing relationships between new technologies and traditional crafts; the transition from the sculptural to the pictorial; the marked ambiguity amidst the representational and the presentational; the doubt about creating art with the machine (technology) and the values of craftsmanship (tecnne); the figuration and the abstraction;  and of how in an timeless intersection of tradition and innovation, that which  can be imagined may have a place in the world, in contrast to the imagination of things that already exist in the world.

This work was shown in “Entropic Symbiosis” Modern Art Museum of Pereira, 2020