That Which...

This installation is composed by 33 videos of 3D modeling sculptures with aphorisms of abstract concepts borrowed from psychoanalysis. Taking language as a sculptural device, it reflects on our virtual condition and its relationship with concepts such as the monstrous, denial, and confrontation.

Language, besides an unfinished and evolving cultural construction, is our polluted communication technology that structures the set of our social relations with our contextual environment. It is also the way to stand, understand and imagine the surrounding by means of signs, signals and symbols. Through these B&W animations that allude to psychoanalytic concepts, language embodies its anima in a non context required, floating immaculate oddness of isolated objects that remind us that language it is not only a way to recreate but to create a world.

That which…, 2020, HD video, variable size

This work was shown in “Entropic Symbiosis” Modern Art Museum of Pereira, 2020 and in  “9:16” El Campín Stadium screen, Nmenos1, Bogota, 2020