Things presented to the mind

Artists: Rafa Prada, Hyeisoo Kim and Juan Pablo Plazas Conversation with: Maïte Marciano
Againagainagainagain, 2014

‘Thing presented to the mind’ is the definition of the etymological meaning of the word object. This suggests that for a thing to be an object it must have a connection with the mind; in other words, it has to be presented. As the object is recognised, it therefore implies a relationship between presence and thinking—thinking as identification, interpretation and translation. We could call this relationship sculptural, since it establishes associations of thought and appearance: thinking trough appearance or appearance through thinking. That is, as though sculpture and philosophy were interchangeable concepts. As such, our philosophical/sculptural relationship with objects can be regarded as both material and sculptural insofar as it establishes a form of dialogue. This conversation regards spatial and mental conditions—both horizontal—, which come from more than one direction and have the potential to produce, or rather modify, our ‘vertical’ relationship with objects. ‘Things presented to the mind’ is about redefining the process of utility in a specific space and situation in a bid to locate where the action of the work begins, and ultimately to discover the sculptural possibilities of language.

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